Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Sweat: 15%
Sweet: 85%

¡HOLA! I love Spain. It is one of my favourite countries. I went there with my sister this summer to visit my best friend. Although it was my fourth time to travel to this beautiful country, it was my first time to try churros. Unsurprisingly, I felt in love with them and decided to make some. I found a lot of recipes from the web, some called for eggs, some without, some called for plain flour and some called for a mix of plain and self-raising flour. I compared a few and decided to go for the one without eggs. They turned out absolutely fine, and the dark chocolate sauce that accompanied the churros was divine. If you are making them, try to finish them (share with family, friends or neighbours) within the same day. They are best served fresh and warm. 

Lunch for one: Prawn and avocado salad

Sweat: 1%
Sweet: 99%

I found an avocado in the fridge so I decided to fix myself this really quick lunch. It would be tastier if I added a dollop of mayonnaise and few drops of Tabasco but I went for the healthier option and used lemon and Olive oil instead. The seeded bread was from Marks and Spencer. Loved it!  

Monday, October 29, 2012


Sweat: 10%
Sweet: 90%

Tiramisu is such a delicate dessert, at least my dear friend thinks so. She flew back from Hong Kong yesterday and in keeping my promise, I made her this welcome-back-dessert. She absolutely loved it and was thrilled when I asked her to come and see what was in my fridge. But she had to wait for a day before she could dip her spoon in it. LOL.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Baileys chocolate truffles

Sweat: 5%
Sweet: 95%

This is a sweat a tiny little bit, sweet a lot recipe, which literally means little effort great results just in case if you' are hung up with the word 'sweet'. This recipe (I stole it from Baileys.com) calls for dark chocolate so the end result, I will say, is not as sweet as if you are to use milk chocolate. I adore coffee-flavoured chocolates so I have used Bailey's with a hint of coffee for my truffles. They are as yummy as chocolate, as smooth as Baileys and as sweet as me. ONE FINAL WORD: IRRESISTIBLE! 

My first post

I had taken blogging for granted in the past where I used to go through a similar pattern: excitedly created a blog, wrote regularly, wrote less often, could not be bothered and totally forgot about it. The final stage often saw me closing down the blog. Having said that, I realise I had a habit of re-reading my posts before closing it down and that I tended to pay attention to my very first post. I never really gave a thought to the ingredients of the first post. I literally just blogged anything that popped out of my head at that moment of time. 

I hope to take blogging more seriously this time so I am going to write a short but heartened message to myself.

Dear future-me,

Just in case you're peaking at your first post (and thinking of giving your blog up AGAIN), please remember why you have started it. I hope you are well! I mean eating well, travelling well, living your life well.

Remember to keep blogging.

Love you x