Saturday, October 27, 2012

My first post

I had taken blogging for granted in the past where I used to go through a similar pattern: excitedly created a blog, wrote regularly, wrote less often, could not be bothered and totally forgot about it. The final stage often saw me closing down the blog. Having said that, I realise I had a habit of re-reading my posts before closing it down and that I tended to pay attention to my very first post. I never really gave a thought to the ingredients of the first post. I literally just blogged anything that popped out of my head at that moment of time. 

I hope to take blogging more seriously this time so I am going to write a short but heartened message to myself.

Dear future-me,

Just in case you're peaking at your first post (and thinking of giving your blog up AGAIN), please remember why you have started it. I hope you are well! I mean eating well, travelling well, living your life well.

Remember to keep blogging.

Love you x

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