Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bonfire night dinner

I always wonder whether we will get a special menu if we go to an Italian or Spanish restaurant. Because we do when we visit a Chinese restaurant. We never order from the English menu because we believe that the food listed on there is for foreigners (although in this country we are THE FOREIGNERS). Therefore my best advice is go with a Chinese to a Chinese restaurant if you are adventurous or you are tired of sweet and sour chicken/pork. 

We were recommended by a friend to try this set dinner from the Chinese menu - steamed scallops, soups, four dishes and desserts, 17 pounds per head. Food was good especially the tofu fa, a Chinese dessert made from soya bean. 

Happy Bonfire!!

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  1. Glad to see this bonfire dinner. Few days ago my sister arranged a tea party at one of San Francisco venues. She hired best catering service who prepared delicious food. Was very happy to enjoy the tasty food.