Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas advent calendar

Although Christmas is still a month away (almost), towns and cities have already been dressed up in decorative lights. The most exciting thing prior Christmas to me is no doubt the Christmas market. Strolling down the streets filled with stalls and stalls of mouthwatering food (my favourite being the pancakes, steak burger and an Irish coffee to keep me warm), lovely handcrafted accessories and bags, and of course some gigantic Christmas trees. I enjoy every single bit of that. 

Apart from visiting the Christmas market, this year I have something equally exciting to do whilst anticipating Christmas  - the mini nail manicure advent calendar by Ciate. This is the advent calendar that every girl should have for Christmas. Thank God December is only few days away! YOOHOO! 

Whilst on the subject of Christmas (although slightly diverted to my fondness of the BEST-EVER advent calendar), I guess I could share with you my favourite Christmas carol. A song I learned when I was a kid. A song that brought back so much happy childhood memories. A song that I sang and still do every Christmas. What is your favourite Christmas carol?

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