Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Coconut sago with melon balls

Sweat: 1%
Sweet: 99%

Coconut sago is an effortless yet delicious pudding. In my opinion, no dessert can be easier to prepare than this one. I can wrap up the instructions in one sentence. Boil the sago, add sago into the coconut milk, adjust sweetness and done! Simple as that. And foolproof of course. You can never go wrong with it. Do not panic.  A more detailed step-by-step guide will be provided below, just in case if this is something new to you. 


1 cup Sago
400ml coconut milk
1 small can Evaporated milk
Rock sugar


1. Bring 3 cups of water to boil. Add sago. Stir. Cook until sago becomes almost transparent. Cover the pan with a lid for about 3 minutes. Drain in a sieve under cold water. Set aside. 
2. Simmer coconut milk, evaporated milk and rock sugar in a pan. Adjust the sweetness. Add drained sago in. Give it a stir. Done. Serve it hot, or leave it to cool before fridge it. 
3. If serving cold, add fruits of your choice (skip this if you prefer plain coconut sago which is still very tasty).

I love balling melons. Not only is it fun to do, but also it reminds me of my dad. As previously mentioned in one of my older posts, my dad is a baker so he has been baking cakes for almost his entire life. When I was a little girl, long before I moved to England, I used to stand right next to my dad when he was decorating birthday cakes with cream and fresh fruits. My favourite part had always been watching him balling the melon with my mouth  widely-opened, waiting for him to tell me I could finish up the unused balls. You know, as a little girl, I found it fascinating to see my dad turning a big sphere (the melon itself) into little perfect round balls in just a few seconds' time. It was like magic to me. Occasionally, my dad would teach me how to use the melon baller but then I was too clumsy hence always ended up scooping half a ball or even just a quarter of it. But my dad had always been very patient with me.  

During all my years away from home, whenever I pick up a melon baller,  it would transport me to my sweet childhood memories, as if seeing myself standing next to dad again. Good old days. 

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  1. A very sweet sharing about your memory with your dad....little things remind us big incidents in life :)