Monday, November 12, 2012

Matcha mochi 抹茶餅

Sweat: 5%
Sweet: 95%

My matcha frenzy continues. After matcha cookies and matcha panna cotta, I wonder what is next? Hmm... something quick and easy, and sweet! Yep. Matcha mochi this time. Matcha is like a drug to me. It is something that once has started it is so hard to stop. Thanks again to my dear friend who brought back a tin of organic matcha powder from Hong Kong. 
Please do not judge them by the look. They do taste very good. At least my brother, my brother's classmates and I think so. Yet the kneading part is obviously a skill that I need to acquire. With more practice, I am sure I can do it right *v* Next time I will be making some strawberry daifuku. Happy kneading!


100g Glutinous flour
100ml Water
50g Sugar
2 tsp Matcha
Potato starch for dusting


1. Mix glutinous flour, water, sugar and matcha together in a bowl until completely dissolved. Transfer the mixture to a plate and steam over high heat for 15 minutes. 
2. Sprinkle potato starch on a working board and transfer the mochi on it. Dust  potato starch over the mochi and begin kneading. Split the mochi into the sizes of your liking. Adjust the shape of the mochi. Roll it with both palms to get a ball shape. Sprinkle extra matcha powder on top of the mochi if desired.

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