Friday, November 9, 2012

Seafood Risotto

Sweat: 6%
Sweet: 94%

I was thrilled to know that Tesco Metro started selling Baxters Luxury and immediately bought two cans of lobster bisque. I used one with pasta last time and it was delicious! This time I tried it on something else. It might not be the proper classic way to cook a risotto but the end product was perfect, at least my brother and I thought so. He was so hard to please because he did not like congee, porridge or risotto. Anything close to that texture he would try to avoid but he absolutely loved my creamy risotto. It would be great if there was crab meat but way too expensive (£9.99 per can) so I had to skip that. 

My first risotto was not only presentable but also very lovable. Might try another combination next time.  


150g Risotto rice
500ml Chicken stock
1 can Baxter luxury lobster bisque
5 Asparagus spears
1 Haddock fillet
10 Shrimps
3 Crabsticks
1 Small onion
Olive oil


1. Heat the pan. Add olive oil and a knob of butter in the pan. Finely chop the onion and add to the pan. Saute. Add risotto rice and stir.
2. Add fish stock and the can of Baxter luxury lobster bisque into the pan and cook on medium heat. Stir constantly. 
3. When the liquid has almost been absorbed by the rice, prepare the seafood. Chop the fish in chunks and dice the asparagus spears into pea size. Add the fish and asparagus into another pan with olive oil. Let them sit in the pan for one minute and add the shrimps and diced crabsticks in. Season with salt and pepper. When cooked, pour them into the pan with cooked risotto rice. Mix well. Serve. 

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