Friday, December 14, 2012


HAPPY 12.12.12 - the last repetitive date in my life. Of course if I am bitten by a vampire (has to be Edward or Carlisle) I will get to celebrate countless repetitive day! HA! Anyhoo, friends and I decided to gather for this big day. for dinner and because the weather is BLOODY FREEZING we believed that hot pot would be the best choice. On the way to food shop, I forced my friend to go and get this bunny-look-onesie that I had been eyeing. How cute is that!?!

My friends said I looked cute. Obviously my little brother was not interested in seeing me all wrapped up as a bunny. He probably thought "What the heck is on my sister's mind?" when I pulled out the onesie from the shopping bag. Oh well, JoJo has never been NOT INSANE, that is all I can say. LOL

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