Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Eighth to Eleventh day of December

So...I am late for the daily update of 'what-is-behind-the-door-of-the-lovely-advent-calendar', again! Instead of doing them separately, I will just do them in one go, eighth to eleventh day of December. 

On the 8th day of December, Ciate brought me a super duper lovely deep grey nail paint called 'Vintage'. I absolutely adore it. In fact, I have (almost) the same colour by BarryM. I like this one by Ciate more because the colour is so rich and pigmented which means you will have an even coverage with only one coat.

On the 9th day, I found a bottle of 'Mistress' behind the door - a very orangey red, the kind of red that I like!

On day 10, Ciate brought me a very Christmassy bottle of paint called 'ladylike luxe'. I think this shimmery gold is just perfect for Christmas and it goes really well with yesterday's 'mistress'! 

Second bottle of caviar beads. Yay! Sitting behind door 11 is a nice blend of black and yellow beads named bumble bee. The first thing on my mind when I opened it was 'Transformers' ,certainly not the girliest thought. 

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