Friday, December 7, 2012

Fifth, sixth and seventh day of December

Sorry I have not been updating for the past few days. I have been busy doing Christmas shopping, writing Christmas cards (my favourite thing to do), wrapping up presents and getting them sent out before last Christmas posting date. All sorted now! In this post, I will be revealing three bottles behind door five to seven altogether. So keep reading if you are interested. 
DOOR 5: Cabaret

Door 6: Angel wings

DOOR 7: Cutie pie

I felt a bit disappointed to find a bottle of "Cabaret" sitting behind door number five, mainly because it was purple. A lot of people might find purple a lovely colour but I just never really liked it. The "Angel wings" and "Cutie pie" behind door six and seven were however really adorable especially the latter. Like many girls, I love pink. Well, not all kinds of pink, but this soft baby pink has totally captured my heart! 

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