Sunday, December 2, 2012

Studded denim shorts

I love studs, especially my ass-kicking loafers (spike studded) that I bought from ROMWE sometime earlier this year (or last year?). I decided to stud my converse shoes. In search of studs, I went onto various websites and found EBay was probably the best place to get cheap studs. Seeing myself as a beginner, I dare to place a big order although I was SO desperate to stud my shoes, pants, shirts, etc. In the end I only bought a pack of 100 pyramid studs (8mm) and scrapped my original plan of studding my converse shoes. I did my denim shorts instead because I felt the pyramid studs looked better on pants. 
Studding was a lot easier than I had imagined. In fact, I did it without any tool. I simply pushed the four-legged stud through the fabric and bend the legs with the help of a pen. Do it one by one. Keep pushing and bending. You will end up with a personalised studded pair of shoes, jacket, etc. Yes, simple as that! And let your imagination take control. You do not have to do them neatly line by line. Have fun studding! 

PS I have already placed my second order of studs, coming in various shapes this time. They have already been dispatched but will take some time to get here because the seller is from Hong Kong. 

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