Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday pancakes + hot chocolate

Sweat: 3%
Sweet: 97%

Here comes the long awaited Sunday. A day in which a lot of rest is needed. A day in which a long bath (accompanied by good music and candles) is needed. A day in which comforting food is needed. Comforting food? Hmm...pancakes fit perfectly into the picture. 

A belated happy new year + tagliatelle in creamy porcini sauce

Sweat: 2%
Sweet: 98%

The weather had not been kind to us in December and not to mention New Year's day. A typical far-too-windy-for-anyone-to-walk-on-the-street-day accompanied by heavy rain. It was horrendous! I believe a lot of people would have stayed indoor like me. When you had an almost empty fridge and could not go food shopping because you knew the minute you walked out you would have soaked yourself, then what should you cook? If it was any other normal day, I would probably just go for something simple, i.e. bread, porridge or instant noddles. But because New Year represented a fresh start, I wanted to do something fancy so I went searching in the shelf for hidden treasures and look what I found - dried porcini mushrooms! Woohoo ^O^