Sunday, January 5, 2014

A belated happy new year + tagliatelle in creamy porcini sauce

Sweat: 2%
Sweet: 98%

The weather had not been kind to us in December and not to mention New Year's day. A typical far-too-windy-for-anyone-to-walk-on-the-street-day accompanied by heavy rain. It was horrendous! I believe a lot of people would have stayed indoor like me. When you had an almost empty fridge and could not go food shopping because you knew the minute you walked out you would have soaked yourself, then what should you cook? If it was any other normal day, I would probably just go for something simple, i.e. bread, porridge or instant noddles. But because New Year represented a fresh start, I wanted to do something fancy so I went searching in the shelf for hidden treasures and look what I found - dried porcini mushrooms! Woohoo ^O^ 

If you are a big fan of mushroom like me, you should give this recipe a go. Ingredients are simple but together they create a very intense flavour that will leave you happy and satisfied, yes, even if you are a meat-eater. 

I had some baby spinach leaves left over when making the pasta salad the other day so I threw that in as well. I think the bit of green colour made the dish a little more lively. The only thing that I regretted not having in this dish was to sprinkle some toasted pine nuts onto the pasta. If the weather allowed me to walk to the end of the road, which would take just 5 minutes, I could have bought a pack of pine nuts from Tesco. Never mind, there is always room to improve and there is always next time :) 

New-year-resolution-wise, I have decided to do something different this year. In the past, I used to write a whole list of things that I wanted to achieve in the coming year but as always I had failed to do at least half of the things on the list. This year, I wrote a letter to myself, to be opened by the end of the year. I have many plans in mind that I want to accomplish, some of which may take more than just a year but I hope to have at least seen some progress in them by the end of the year. 

I can foresee a busy and tough year ahead but like the famous quote says, what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. I have faith in growing into a much stronger and independent person. I found this quote when thinking about my new year resolution and it had totally filled my eyes with tears. Very motivating! I need to have a printed version of this on the wall. 

Anyhoo, without me further mumbling, here is the wonderful tagliatelle in creamy porcini sauce recipe.


200g Dried tagliatelle (fettuccine will be a great alternative) 
15-20g Dried porcini mushrooms 
2 Cloves of garlic
1 Shallot
1 cup Single cream
A handful of chopped spinach (optional)
A handful of toasted pine nuts (optional) 
Olive oil


1. In a bowl, soak porcini mushrooms in hot water and set aside. 
2. In a pot filled with boiling water, a pinch of salt and a dash of olive oil, cook tagliatelle according to package instructions or until al dente. Drain and set aside. 
3. Heat a pan with olive oil, Saute minced garlic and diced shallots. Drain the porcini mushroom, roughly chopped and add to the pan. Add some of the water from the mushroom in the pan, followed by single cream. When the sauce comes to a boil, add drained tagliatelle. Mix well. Add chopped spinach and stir slightly. Salt and pepper to taste. Baby spinach leaves cook really quickly so leave them to the last.
4. Serve the dish with toasted pine nuts (or some grated Parmesan cheese). Enjoy. 

I wish a wonderful year ahead for the people I love x

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